Lenovo-owned Motorola has pushed back the release date for one of its Moto Mods — the Power Pack — until later this spring. The company was expected to roll it out for the Moto Z line of smartphones this past March, but no such thing occurred, clearly.

Battery Pack Moto Mod Delayed

Motorola first announced the Moto Mod accessory late February during its Mobile World Congress trade show press event. When snapped on the back of compatible Moto Z devices, the accessory would add 50 percent more battery capacity but notably without adding bulk to the overall aesthetic of the phone. It was projected to cost $49.

The accessory has indeed been pushed to "later this spring," as admitted by a representative from Motorola. Among the mods the company plans to release are a wireless charging back panel, and a dedicated gamepad accessory. Motorola is also working on a cable to charge mods when they aren't snapped on to Moto Z devices. All these planned mods have yet to be given a proper release date.

Other Moto Mods You Should Be Hyped For

All told, there's still a number of Moto Mods worth being hyped for, even if your zeal has been crushed by the delay of the Power Pack. Here are forthcoming Moto Mods you should watch out for, both from Motorola and from crafty third parties:

Edge - A third-party Moto Mod accessory, the Edge cover features a band of RGB light that snakes around the phone's edges. It will emit vibrant colors when the phone receives notifications, prompting the user even from afar. But it's not just for show, as the colors actually serve their own purpose: blue light means someone's calling, red light means someone just sent you a text, and so forth. It also includes wireless charging features and a battery pack so the lights can draw power on their own without draining the phone's capacity.

Amazon Alexa Moto Mod - Motorola is planning to equip the Moto Z range of devices with an Alexa, via a Moto Mod, of course. Amazon confirmed such an accessory a while back, stating that it was partnering with Motorola for the development. It'll even come with the signature Echo glow!

Wireless Charging and Gamepad Moto Mods - These two are officially from Motorola, and they're pretty self-explanatory. The former equips the phone the ability to charge sans any direct cables, while the latter tacks down a full-fledged gaming controller on the device, a la Nintendo Switch.

Wireless Charging and IR Emitter Moto Mod - This accessory promises to equip Moto's Z line of smartphones with wireless charging and IR emitter capabilities without adding significant bulk to the device. In fact, it's just as thin as normal Style Shells, or alternative back covers for the Z range. No official release date has been sent, but the vision has already been successfully funded on Indiegogo.

Thoughts about the Moto Mods mentioned here? Anything you have in mind we failed to include? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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