At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix and Marvel unveiled the premiere of a new trailer for the Marvel team-up adaptation The Defenders.

After playing the series's first episode, award winning writer and producer Jeph Loeb along with the cast came out and showed the trailer for the full series. Loeb calls the show as a "culmination of a dream," encouraging fans to stick around until the end.

Centered around "the war for New York," The Defenders groups Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to fight a common enemy called The Hand. All four have their own namesake shows on Netflix, which makes it look The Defenders as somewhat akin to The Avengers, concept-wise.

New 'The Defenders' Trailer Debuts At San Diego Comic-Con

"The thing about war is," Sigourney Weaver's character Alexandra starts. "It only works if both sides believe they're the good guys." The trailer then launches into high-action sequences.

The pack retreats to a neon-lit Chinese restaurant in some part of New York, the whole scene a moment of levity for what's otherwise a tense teaser. Jessica Jones wants to make clear that "there is no we," after which slight, harmless banter ensues. As much as The Defenders promises an excellent opportunity to expand the Netflix Marvel universe, it will most definitely also touch upon the dynamics of these vigilantes when they're part of a single unit.

Marvel's shows on Netflix has had pretty terrific writers thus far, and it's exciting to see what direction these people will take and how their relationship evolves — or falters — as they try to defeat a common enemy.

As Comic Book reports, The Defenders closes phase one of the Netflix Marvel universe, but likely also opens up a new phase after it. In addition to the four Marvel shows headlined by each of the cast from The Defenders, Netflix will also add a The Punisher adaptation to the list, but it's yet to announce a proper release date for the show, which features another one of Marvel's vigilantes.

The Defenders Release Date

In The Defenders, Charlie Cox reprises his role as Daredevil, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and Finn Jones as Iron Fist. They're joined by Jessica Henwick, Rosario Dawson, Sigourney Weaver, and many others.

All episodes of the show premier on Aug. 18 exclusively on Netflix.

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