Fallout: The Board Game To Launch This Year With Up To 4 Players, Campaign Maps, And Card-Based Mechanics


Fantasy Flight Games announced that it will launch Fallout: The Board Game in the fourth quarter, which would make it a great holiday gift for fans of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic franchise.

Fallout 4 was released almost two years ago, and in the absence of any news regarding Fallout 5, Fallout: The Board Game should serve as a decent time waster until Bethesda makes the long-awaited announcement.

Here's What We Know About 'Fallout: The Board Game'

In the official product page, Fantasy Flight Games describes Fallout: The Board Game as "a post-nuclear adventure board game" based on the popular series.

In Fallout: The Board Game, one to four players take on the role of wandering humans in a post-apocalyptic world, with the landscape of campaign maps inspired by the environments and expansions of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Players will be able to choose whether to work by themselves or together with other players in exploring the unknown portions of the maps. Players will be exposed to various choices, such as whether to try to gain experience of collecting caps, acquiring loot or signing up companions, and progressing the main quest or finishing side quests. As players move around the board to build their inventory and improve their skills, their ultimate goal is to gain the most influence out of everyone else in the wasteland.

There are four campaign maps in Fallout: The Board Game, namely The Capital Wasteland, The Pitt, The Commonwealth, and Far Harbor. Each map includes a central core, event cards for the main quest and side quests, and randomly laid cards. The board game also features the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system and perk system from the video games and also forces players to take note of their HP and radiation levels.

Perhaps the most interesting part in Fallout: The Board Game is its card-based mechanic for the choices that players make. As the game goes on, players are offered choices on cards on what to do in certain situations, and each decision pulls certain new cards into the deck, affecting how the game goes on.

There are certain details that are still unknown, such as how combat works and the price. However, from what we know so far, Fallout: The Board Game already looks like a blast to play.

Video Games And Board Games

Video games are jumping out of digital worlds and appearing on tabletops, through board games are not a new thing. Aside from Fallout: The Board Game, many others have made the leap.

Some of the more recent ones include the crowdfunded Dark Souls - The Board GameDOOM: The Board Game, also by Fantasy Flight Games; and Mechs vs. Minions, a board game by League of Legends developer Riot Games.

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