New Xbox One Tech Will Give You More Hard Drive Space And Make Downloads Faster


Microsoft is reportedly working on new Xbox One technology that will grant gamers more hard drive space and make downloads faster.

The system, known internally as Intelligent Delivery, will be available for both the Xbox One and the highly anticipated Xbox One X.

Xbox One Intelligent Delivery System: What's It All About?

The Intelligent Delivery system for the Xbox One, according to Eurogamer's Digital Foundry, will allow users to download only the assets that they need, compared to having them download complete game packages. With only the required assets being downloaded, precious hard drive space will be saved and download times will be cut short.

One example of a situation that will take advantage of the new Xbox One technology is a game that supports various languages. Instead of having to download all the languages, users will be able to select the language that they use and delete all the others.

In addition, the Intelligent Delivery system will prevent Xbox One owners from having to download the 4K assets that will be used by Xbox One X consoles, as those assets will not be supported by the Xbox One. For games with single-player and multiplayer modes, users will also be able to remove the mode that they are not yet playing, with the ability to eventually reinstall the deleted mode.

The Intelligent Delivery technology, once rolled out, will also enable multi-disc releases, with the first disc of a game holding the necessary data and up to 15 additional discs containing extra data that players can install when needed. This is currently not possible with the Xbox One.

Xbox One Intelligent Delivery Tech: Is It Really Necessary?

The current Xbox One S models offer internal storage options of up to 2 TB, while the upcoming Xbox One X offers up to 1 TB storage. These hard drives spaces might appear to be too much, but with some games requiring installations of 50 GB to 100 GB, most gamers are quickly using up their storage space.

With the pending release of the Xbox One X and the influx of 4K games, the issue is expected to become even worse. Microsoft has apparently thought of the problem early, and is currently working on a solution before the problem becomes a massive one for Xbox One and Xbox One X owners.

Microsoft will likely initially implement the Intelligent Delivery system on its first-party titles, with the decision to add the technology into third-party games depending on the developers. The technology might make Xbox One exclusives more attractive in the long run, as no such system is currently available for the PlayStation 4.

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