Google Cuts USB-C Dongle Price To $9 For All You Headphone Jack Holdouts Out There


The smartphone community is currently split when it comes to the topic of headphone jacks. One side says getting rid of it is okay, while the other says removing it is plain stupid. This debate started when Apple unveiled the iPhone 7, which has no headphone jack.

Google made fun of Apple's then-flagship phone shortly after, saying the headphone jack on its Pixel device is "satisfyingly not new."

Google Pixel 2: Why Google Ate Its Owns Words

But a year later, Google's new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL got rid of the headphone jacks, causing some Pixel fans to call the company hypocritical. But they, along with fans of traditional wired headphones, became even angrier when the company released a $20 USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack dongle last week.

Google's USB-C To Headphone Jack Dongle Now Super Cheap

After some widespread outrage, Google has seemingly realized that it cannot charge a premium for a feature that users can get by simply buying other phones like the Galaxy S8, Note 8, OnePlus 5, and other phones that still have the port. So it has now cut the price down to $9, the same price as Apple's Lightning to headphone jack replacement dongle.

That's a pretty steep price drop, but it makes sense because paying $20 for a teensy dongle seems pretty ludicrous, right? So just make sure to take care of the USB-C to headphone jack dongle already included in every Pixel 2 box to never have to buy replacement dongles in the first place.

The dongle, however, only offers a headphone jack — what if users want to charge their device at the same time? Well, Moshi offers exactly that kind of functionality with its own Google-approved dongle, but it costs $44.95. More third-party dongles will probably start coming out soon, but for now these are the best bets.

Why Headphone Jack Lovers Are Complaining

Having to buy dongles is one of the many nuisances of a smartphone without a headphone jack, especially for those who want to charge and listen to music on their devices at the same time. Granted, there are Bluetooth headphones available, but those cost a lot and require charging, which many users don't want to deal with.

Google's USB-C to headphone jack dongle is available on its online store for $9. It does pretty much what it's intended to do, But Google also mentions that it can be used for headphone jack-connected selfie sticks.

Which side of the headphone jack debate are you on? Do you think smartphone manufacturers should drop it entirely? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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