The Xbox One X Storage Is Nowhere Near Enough: Gamers Will Need An External Hard Drive


Microsoft has rolled out the Xbox One X, and gamers who have their hands on "the world's most powerful console" are already finding out its biggest flaw.

The Xbox One certainly lives up to the hype in terms of its specifications, but its power might not matter that much when there's not enough space in its internal storage for games.

The Xbox One X Needs An External Hard Drive

The Xbox One X carries a price tag of $499.99, making it the most expensive video game console in the market. However, gamers might have to spend about $100 more to beef up the storage capacity of the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X comes with internal storage of 1 TB, with no option for a bigger hard drive. That amount of space might already be sufficient for the Xbox One, but for the Xbox One X's specialty of playing 4K games, that is nowhere near enough.

Downloading the 4K assets for Xbox One X Enhanced games quickly fill up the 1 TB storage of the console. For example, Forza Motorsport 7, Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, and Quantum Break, including their 4K assets, all take up at least 80 GB. The size of most of the other Xbox One X Enhanced titles, meanwhile, is around 40 GB to 50 GB.

With less than 800 GB actually available to gamers from the 1 TB hard drive, gamers are looking at being able to fit no more than 20 games inside the Xbox One X. The likely number would stand at only about a dozen though, as the more popular titles take up more space.

This means that Xbox One X owners, in order to get the most out of their console, will have to buy and connect an external hard drive to it. Xbox One marketing boss Albert Penello even recommended players to purchase an external hard drive for the Xbox One X.

Playing 4K games will take up a lot of space, and unfortunately for Xbox One X owners, there is definitely a need to buy an external hard drive for the already expensive console.

The Other Major Xbox One X Problem

There have been reports of Xbox One X malfunctioning cases, but defective units are to be expected from a new product launch.

That is not the other major Xbox One X problem though. The console is indeed powerful, and its storage capacity can be boosted by an external hard drive, but gamers will need good titles to play on it.

With Crackdown 3 delayed to next year, Forza Motorsport 7 was the only new game left to showcase the capabilities of the Xbox One X. This pales in comparison to the massive number of PlayStation 4 exclusives, which is a major factor in the rival console's dominance of the industry. Fortunately, Microsoft will start to turn things around, as it recently announced that it will look to make more of its own Xbox One games.

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