Energous' Wireless Charging At A Distance Tech Receives FCC Approval: Check It Out At CES 2018


Energous received approval from the Federal Communications Commission for its wireless charging at a distance system, paving the way for consumers to soon enjoy the benefits of the technology.

Current forms of wireless charging require users to place their devices on a charging pad, eliminating the hassle of needing different kinds of cords. However, Energous' technology, once released, will make charging devices even more convenient.

Energous' WattUp Tech Receives FCC Approval

According to Energous, the FCC has certified its first-generation WattUp Mid Field transmitter, which can send focused, radio frequencies-based power to charge devices with corresponding receivers at a distance. The system underwent rigorous testing over several months to satisfy regulatory and consumer safety requirements.

Energous' WattUp is the first wireless charging at a distance system that has received approval for Part 18 of the FCC's rules. The technology can charge multiple devices from 3 feet away while simultaneously performing contact-based charging. Essentially, the WattUp system will function like Wi-Fi, except that instead of mobile devices connecting to the internet, they will be charging their batteries. Users will not even need to take their smartphones and tablets out of their pockets or bags, as they will automatically charge as soon as they get within range of the transmitter and end charging once their batteries are fully replenished.

Making the technology even more impressive is that the WattUp ecosystem is described as manufacturer-agnostic. This means that users, for example, can charge a Samsung smartphone even if the transmitter is made by rival companies such as Apple.

When Will Energous Launch WattUp To The Market?

The WattUp wireless charging at a distance technology will work with any kind of mobile device, including smartphones, keyboards, smartwatches, and speakers. However, Energous has not yet announced any products that will soon launch in the market with the system in place.

Energous has been linked to certain device manufacturers, such as in October 2015, when it was reported that the company was working with Motorola to develop self-charging smartphones. However, in February 2016, a report claimed that Apple was working with the company to bring long-distance wireless charging technology to iPhones and iPads.

Energous will be present at CES 2018, which will run from Jan. 9 to Jan. 12 in Las Vegas. At the annual event, Energous is planning to demonstrate the technology and possibly also unveil plans on future devices that will feature the WattUp system. Will it be an Apple device or a product from another manufacturer?

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