A viral video of an Italian grandma playing with a Google Home Mini proves that modern technology and old people can sometimes have great fun.

Voice-controlled gadgets are quite useful if the users know their way around the different commands. Most of the voice commands made during normal usage would be to inquire about weather updates, set reminders, play music, and more if the device is connected to a Smart Home hub.

Meanwhile, the footage of a first-time encounter between a Google Home Mini and an 85-year-old Italian grandma is surprisingly entertaining.

A First-Time Experience

The video was posted by Ben Actis, a YouTuber that shows the family together a day after Christmas. It was apparently shot from his grandmother's Florida home. The clip shows the grandma as she struggles to activate the Google Home Mini speaker.

It is clear that her thick Italian accent might have made it difficult for the gadget to understand even the basic commands. However, the resulting interaction caught them all by surprise, especially the old lady.

Awesome Technology

The YouTuber's grandma was visibly curious about the Google Home Mini in front of her. Most viewers liken her reaction to the days when the television first came out. Most people during that time also wondered how the box worked.

By default, the activation phrase is either "Hey, Google" or "Ok, Google". The Heavy Italian accent of the senior lady made her command sound like "Ok, Goo Goo" instead.

To everyone's enjoyment and surprise, the voice assistant actually activated then waited for her next command.

Something Akin To Magic

What followed next is her question about what the local weather will be the next day. After a brief wait, the speaker began to read out the forecast in detail. Apparently, this caught the Grandma off guard, which prompted her to stand up and walk away from the device.

She seemed a bit shaken as she grabs her husband's arm. "it's a mystery," she muttered"I'm scared." The other members of the family could be heard laughing in the background as she goes back to her seat.

Price Drop

Those planning to grab a Smart speaker can check out the recent price drop for the Google Home Mini, which took $20 off its regular retail price of $49 during the holiday season. For $29, users can take the voice assistant-enabled speaker for a spin just like the Italian grandma did in the viral video.

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