Last week, a video was shared on YouTube that supposedly previewed the new features of firmware 5.0 for the Nintendo Switch, which included video streaming.

Prior to the footage, gamers already speculated that the company has plans to include Netflix and other services to enhance the console's multimedia capabilities. The short clip similarly showcased other functions that fans have always wanted on their device, but never got due to the gaming firm's odd decision.

Several industry insiders quickly pointed out that the video was clearly a fake due to some inconsistent data that was shown on screen.

Meanwhile, hopes of getting the popular video streaming service on the Switch were sadly quelled as a Twitter post confirmed its absence.

Nothing Definite Yet

Over the weekend, a user posted a question on Twitter regarding the estimated timeframe for Netflix to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. However, someone from the customer service group explained that it will not see a release on the hybrid game system until further notice.

On the other hand, it supposedly does not mean that its doors are closed. The company is allegedly in talks with the Japanese gaming firm to hopefully develop an app for the new console.

"We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don't have definitive plans to share at this time," said a representative from the video streaming company. "The incorrect original tweet has been removed."

Nintendo's Plans

During an interview with Nintendo, before the Switch was released, the firm clearly noted that console was intentionally launched without video streaming support to keep its customers focused on gaming.

Even if it sounded like there is no chance for the video streaming service in the future, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, had something else in mind.

"All of our efforts have gone toward making the Nintendo Switch system an amazing dedicated video game platform, so it will not support any video-streaming services at launch. However, support for video-streaming services is being considered for a future update," Fils-Aime explained.

Hacking Threat

A few weeks ago, during the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany, a group of hackers teased Nintendo about their plans to release a hack that is supposedly resistant to future firmware updates. If this ever comes to light, users will be able to run homebrew applications, pirated games, and even enable functions that are supposedly missing.

There have been past cases wherein hackers simply created an exploit to allow owners to maximize the platform's potential. Perhaps the absence of an official Netflix app on the Nintendo Switch will prompt users to tweak their systems for a bootleg version.

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