Earlier this week Apple announced its smart home Bluetooth speaker, the HomePod, will be coming to homes quite soon and the competition is already firing back.

Sonos has responded to the Apple news with a discount that will surely keep the company and its products the top dog of smart home speakers. For a limited time, Sonos is offering customers a deal to purchase two Sonos One speakers for only $349, which is the price of just one Apple HomePod.

Sonos hasn’t revealed just how long this new deal will last, but we at least know that it will start on Jan. 26, which is the day Apple will take preorders for its HomePod speaker.

The company took to social media revealing the new promotion and stating that “two is better than one.” Check out the tweet below.

There is some beauty with having two speakers as customers are able to access multi-room audio. With two Sonos One devices, a user will be able to connect them and share audio in multiple rooms.

More Shots At The Competition

Meanwhile, the company recently took to their blog to write about why staying open matters, which was directed at competitive speaker makers such as Apple, Amazon, and Google.

In the blog post, the company said that it is dedicated to staying open and has been that way since its launch. This means that Sonos wants to continue moving forward with having a plethora of different options for users while streaming music on their Sonos device.

This is indeed true as Sonos has allowed users to use its devices with accounts from a huge list of music services.

However, Sonos' competition does try to keep some of the music streaming options open on their devices. For example, the Google Home allows users to stream music from different apps on their phone through Google Cast. Even more, the Amazon Echo also supports Bluetooth playback for services that aren't supported by Alexa.

Sonos One Features

The Sonos One speaker is a smart device that is Amazon Alexa enabled. The device is controlled with a user's voice and can play music from a variety of streaming services.

Users are able to control the device and play music using their voice. With Amazon Alexa built in, they’ll also have access to different features such as checking the weather, ordering an Uber, getting food delivered, checking traffic, and much more.

Ask Alexa and hear music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, and more.

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