It has been observed that Nintendo and Sony game systems have sold rather well due to its exclusive games, while Microsoft's console is left behind.

Even though the company currently flaunts the industry's most powerful gaming platform with the Xbox One X, it looks like the lack of new software or exclusives has affected its appeal to potential consumers. Sources speculate that the Redmond-based firm discussed plans to possibly acquire EA for exclusive rights to its library of games.

Careful Consideration

A company insider reportedly shared other companies that were being considered by the management. While Electronic Arts might seem like a good purchase, it will be quite costly for the company if they opt to proceed, as detailed by VentureBeat.

Other Potential Acquisitions

BlueHole Studio Inc., a South Korean developer and publisher of the critically acclaimed PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, came up as one of the options being considered by Microsoft. It should be noted that the former already has an exclusive partnership that ported PUBG over to the Xbox One last year.

However, just like it was on the PC prior to its official launch, the game is currently labeled as a preview until it is fully optimized for the console

Surprisingly, Valve was likewise mentioned as another candidate for a takeover, but it is highly unlikely, as the company continues to be successful in their endeavors.

Why EA?

It looks like the publisher's recent snag with a popular science-fiction franchise, namely the Star Wars Battlefront 2 pay-to-win fiasco, caused a dip in their stock. Additionally, the rumors that Anthem, its answer to Activision's Destiny 2, has been delayed to next year caused stocks to drop again.

It might look like a great opportunity for Microsoft to make their move on EA, but its estimated cost of over $36 billion does not seem feasible for the firm's plans of software exclusivity. Furthermore, the latter does not seem to be in a situation that could prompt the management and stockholders to dispose of their assets.

Making A Deal

Based on the insider information, it did not specifically confirm that Microsoft intends to acquire EA. It could be a deal wherein Xbox One players receive exclusive items, access, and DLC from the publisher in the future.

Moreover, it could be a partnership with the developers to establish a deadline for future software to become available on Xbox Game Pass simultaneously with the game's official launch date.

"I see Xbox Game Pass as both. The value is pretty obvious for some. And the idea of a new model that could open opportunities for creativity is where I think we'll end up," said Phil Spencer, Microsoft's head of Xbox.

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