Google Makes Booking Hotels, Flights On Your Phone A Lot Easier


Google is already pretty useful with most of its core functions integrated into Android smartphones. Features like Google Assistant enhance remote functions via voice control.

The company revealed its plans to help its users make traveling a little bit easier on the go. In an everyday scenario, planning a trip means users accessing information via their computers in order to organize different windows and websites. Using a smartphone to manage everything being the last option for most jet-setters, the search group wants to encourage its users to rely on their mobile phones instead.

Usability Minus The Hassle

Even though the company already features flight and hotel booking functions, it was originally optimized for users on a computer. Smartphone users are usually required to have multiple windows or separate apps in order to get the job done.

Hotel reservations could be done via a separate window, which can be minimized in order to access another window to book flights or other means of transportation. The process seems tedious compared to what a PC could offer in its place.

Keeping Everything Simple And Accessible

Google Intends to encourage its users to depend more on their Android-powered smartphones when it comes to travel. As an alternative to multiple windows or applications, an update will keep everything within reach on a single page

To keep it organized, the update will showcase multiple tabs after a user searches for the destination. Once the information is keyed in and submitted, tabs for Flights, Hotels, Explore, and Your Trip will populate the screen.

Functionality Integrated

Everything begins when users search for a city or country through Google. Under the Flights tab, a user can choose the travel dates. The Hotels tab functions the same way as the previous tab. Filters are available for both Flights and Hotels features just like before the update.

Gmail information is automatically synchronized under the Trips tab, so previous and upcoming travel plans can easily be reviewed. The information contained within remains private and is not shared with any third-party companies.

Now that more people prefer to make their travel arrangements on the go, Google seeks to provide its users with a better experience via its own platform. The search company obviously wants people to depend on its Android operating system for everything they need. The update is expected to roll out in the next couple of days, although some of its features should already be accessible when users search for flights and hotel reservations.

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