Kingdom Come: Deliverance fans have a bunch of interesting easter eggs waiting for them, mostly reminding of the game title's close links to massively popular The Witcher 3.

Game creator Warhorse Studios thought it would be fun to place some eggs to hunt as a form of deviation from the RPG's main storyline. When one decides to check out Merhojed and make their way to a farm stable, one bonus item will come in the form of a horse named Roach.

Roach as a horse is no stranger to The Witcher 3 crowd. In the latter, the character Geralt rode a horse of the same name and likely has the same characteristics — mighty strong and always dependable. It's easy to conclude that Roach in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one and the same as Geralt's friend but there's no clear indication it is the case.

Instead, there were hints that came with the easter surprise and the Witcher connection is hard to ignore.

References To The Witcher 3

A closer investigation will reveal the origin of Roach. If a player decides to chat up with the stable owner, he would readily offer that the companion beast was bought from a Polish seller. Surely, the term Polish rings a bell for long-time gamers of The Witcher 3 as they are well aware that the game was developed by talents coming from Poland.

In the same conversation, there was an allusion to the intimate encounters between Geralt and Yennifer, further revealing of the indisputable link that exists between The Witcher 3 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Easily, this specific mention brought back an infamous Witcher sexy scene of Geralt and Yennifer on top of a unicorn.

There are more surprises for players to discover and somehow the suggestion is strong that another batch will arrive soon and likely the items will still represent call backs from The Witcher 3.

Rising Popularity

Popularity-wise, Kingdom Come: Deliverance remains lagging behind The Witcher 3 but there is no doubt the former's base following is on the rise, which should be enough reason to believe that when the next round of easter eggs drop, there will be specks of Witcher hints all over.

Initially, Kingdom Come: Deliverance failed to impress the critics but the Warhorse creation went on to log 500,000 in unit sales on its release week. It appeared that the game drew in the big numbers for its core element of realism, but the game's creators vowed not to stop delivering improvements. Warhorse said there will be gameplay tweaks to come that will make the game, playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, even more accessible.

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