Samsung To Let MWC 2018 Attendees Get A Feel Of The Galaxy S9 In Augmented Reality


Samsung will showcase the Galaxy S9 at the start of the Mobile World Congress 2018 next week but with a twist by making use of augmented reality.

This is in connection with the Unpacked 2018 app that the company released on the Google Play Store. The app is mainly intended to provide live stream access of the event, but digging a bit more, it also has AR features, and the key design is to provide 3D experience of the Galaxy S9.

One Reddit user decided to tear down and rebuild the Unpacked 2018 app and, in the process, unlocked 3D models of the upcoming Samsung flagship. When the work was completed, the obvious got another confirmation — that the Galaxy S9 will make an appearance at the MWC 2018 but in a different way.

"Samsung will be showing off its Galaxy S9 in augmented reality during its launch event," the report from XDA Developers, which first pointed to the Reddit leak, indicated.

As expected, a number of speculations concerning the Galaxy S9 were somehow validated, thanks to the impressive Reddit work.

Specs And Features Known So Far

First off, the 3D models strongly suggested that there will be at least four color variants for the Galaxy S9, but one that stood out is the Lilac Purple finish, which will be a first of the line. If truly the Unpacked 2018 app will activate its AR features at the MWC 2018, this flavor of the handset will be ready for AR viewing.

Another notable revelation concerns the speaker grill make that appeared to indicate of a dual speaker system, which likely will be enhanced by AKG Tuning technology. This piece of information from the Galaxy S9 3D models hinted of the plan by Samsung to step up on the entertainment features of its first 2018 flagship bet. It looks like that delivering a premium audio experience will set off the new approach.

Rounding up the exposé are some of the functions and features that will be carried over from the Galaxy S8. Bixby will remain on board as well as the heart monitor, which no doubt will get a considerable upgrade, technology-wise. The fingerprint reader, as rumored, will get relocated to the center rear of the device and right below the camera lens, purportedly for easier access.

More Surprises To Unveil

It's hard to imagine that with the 3D models out and the tons of leak that came out in the past weeks, there is more to know about the Galaxy S9. Samsung said the S9 camera will be reimagined, so it's one thing to get excited about. For the most part, the handset is a minor jump from the Galaxy S8.

On Feb. 25, the circulating stories will be likely affirmed that the Galaxy S9 will unbox powered by the Snapdragon 845 chip or Samsung's in-house Exynos 9810 processor, the latter geared for international release. The RAM support will be at 4 GB for the regular S9 and 6 GB for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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