Twitter Rolls Out New ‘Bookmarks’ Feature For Saving Tweets Privately


Twitter can often be a hodgepodge of racism, propaganda, and hate speech, but occasionally there comes a flurry of tweets that are inspiring, cool, and very resourceful.

Twitter hasn't offered a proper way of saving tweets — apart from liking them or laboriously getting the tweet's link and saving it somewhere — on its site or its apps. Until now, that is. There's a new feature called Bookmarks that lets users save tweets in a private stash and revisit them later on.

The obvious difference between liking a tweet and using the Bookmarks feature is that only the user knows what they've saved; the tweet's author has no idea. It also avoids being forced to engage with a tweet just to save it.

How To Bookmark Tweets

Here's how to bookmark a tweet: there'll be a new icon underneath a tweet that sort of looks like an upload logo. Click this and an options menu will pop up. From there, choose "Add Tweet to Bookmarks." The new icon replaces what was previously the Direct Message button, which is now bundled together in the aforementioned options menu alongside other sharing options.

Users can access their bookmarks via the slide-out menu. Again, this is private and no one except the user will ever see them. Such a feature has long been a top request of many Twitter users, according to the company. Why this hadn't been added earlier seems rather ridiculous, as Instagram, Facebook, and lots of other social networks have options to save content already. But, hey, no complaints here.

Liking Tweets Causes Controversies

The act of liking a tweet has caught some high-profile users in various controversies before. One incident saw Melania Trump liking a tweet that seemed to indicate she hated her husband, President Donald Trump. There was also a highly scandalous case where Ted Cruz had liked a porn video. From now on, they'll be able to save tweets and revisit them privately.

Right now the Bookmarks section seems rather barebones, in need of some sort organization or categorization system similar on Instagram, where posts can be bundled into collections adhering to a theme. Perhaps this is in the pipeline, but time will tell.

Bookmarks are rolling out to all users on Twitter's apps for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite, and the mobile web version of Twitter.

Do you find this new Bookmarks tool useful? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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