The days of bothersome webpage push notification requests are almost over as Mozilla Firefox version 59 launches a feature that blocks the aforementioned annoyances.

The newly added feature extends to options that likewise block website requests to access location or hardware like the microphone or camera. The latter selection can be accessed in the settings menu under permissions.

Once activated, users can browse the internet minus the hassle of these random notifications.

Keeping Up With The Program

The updated browser apparently manages these notifications as long as the website uses the current web standard to enable these messages. However, developers noted that not all pages can be blocked by the latest patch due to its HTML5 overlay.

Due to the multitude of applications that currently depend on the overlay, it could compromise some useful functions. Mozilla confirms that a future update could resolve this issue, but did not specify a possible release date.

Changes Made To The Desktop version

The release of Mozilla Firefox version 59 is a somewhat minor upgrade based on the added features as compared to the previous ones. Yet, there are improvements that are intended to make its usage a whole lot better.

Annotations can now be added to screenshots with some tweaks to enhance touch screen input with the use of a stylus. The developers also made the Private Browsing Mode even better with a feature that renders the user harder to track as they open different website.

The referral links are automatically removed to keep path information data confidential. Finally, Mac users get to enjoy quicker graphics rendering.

Amazon Fire TV Changes And Enterprise

Users that prefer to browse the internet via the Fire TV platform can now pin their favorite websites on the Firefox home screen. An improved look for the browser makes it more accessible to add and remove links with a push of a button.

Enterprise users will be glad to know that the beta versions of the Quantum build will be available soon. A guide made for IT professionals is also available to make the transition to Firefox Quantum a painless process.

Outsourcing Help

Now that version 59 is out for Mozilla Firefox, developers have started to advertise its next promotion. It looks like the company plans to bring back the Firefox Extensions contest for the recently released Quantum.

Third-party developers are encouraged to come up with innovative extensions that can make browsing even more enjoyable for its users. Results of the competition will be announced this May.

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