The Top 10 Cutest Animals in Science 2014 is a new video, created by editors at the journal Nature, detailing the 10 most-adorable animals to make the news during the last year.

Marmosets were declared to be the 10th cutest animal to make science news in 2014. Researchers have known for a while that the small, furry creatures are able to learn from each other. However, biologists from the University of Vienna announced their finding this year that the monkeys are able to learn from instructional videos. The team trained marmosets to open boxes containing treats, and filmed them performing the action. This video was then played, next to a similar box, for wild members of species. Some monkeys were able to learn the trick this way.

Dogs were found to align themselves with the magnetic field of the Earth while defecating or urinating. This study was conducted by an international team of scientists, who found the preference in canines when the magnetic field of the Earth was not disrupted near the dog.

A dumbo octopus in the Gulf of Mexico was video recorded with his legs all spiraled up, a behavior never seen before in any other member of the species. The unusual behavior was recorded by researchers from the Corps of Exploration, utilizing the research vessel Nautilus.

Biologists also discovered 14 previously-unknown species of dancing frogs living on the Indian subcontinent, doubling the number of types known to researchers. The behavior is part of a reproduction ritual, in regions too loud for mating calls.

Anole lizards live on some Caribbean islands, as well as locations in the southeast United States. Normally, these creatures float from one island to another. Researchers recently found the reptiles are now hitching rides aboard boats, traveling to new regions never before populated by the species.

Kilobots are not natural animals, but are tiny robots designed to act like insects. Just like bees, they can work together to build new structures.

Wildlife researchers also announced the identification of five "new" species of toupee monkey. These animals had previously been known, but were believed to be previously-known species.

Spiders can frighten many people, but the insects can look almost adorable seen up close. A photographer recorded eyes of a jumping spider at 20 times normal magnification, revealing a pair of bright purple orbs.

The robo-chick, like kilobots, is not a natural animal, but a mechanical instrument. This one, however, is designed to look like an adorable penguin, in order to study the Antarctic animals. The device contains a four-wheeled rover, draped in a baby penguin costume.

The cutest animal discovery of the year, according to Nature editors, are koalas. Investigators found this year that they hug trees in order to cool down in hot weather.

"From TV-watching marmosets to pretend baby penguins, this is Nature's pick of the cutest animal stories in science this year," Nature editors reported.

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