PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is trying to get cheating out of the game, it is going as far as enlisting law enforcement to stop hackers from being able to cheat. It announced on Steam that 15 hackers from China have been arrested for hacking the game.

Battle Royale games do not take cheaters very lightly.

Anti-Cheating Efforts

In the post, PUBG says that the 15 suspects were arrested for developing and selling hacking/cheating programs for the game. They were able to show that they used the malicious code, and Trojan horse software in the code to steal user information.

Chinese authorities fined the hackers $5.1 million. Chinese authorities also say that other suspects related to the case are still being investigated.

In January 2018, it was rumored that PUBG's Chinese distributor Tencent enlisted the help of Chinese police to stop hackers from cheating at the game. Chinese police opened up at least 30 cases and made more than 120 arrests to curb the hacking.

Those people that were arrested are suspected of making software that lets players get illegal assists from aimbots and wallhacks. There are 27 million users worldwide, around 10 million are from China. Eight million users are from the U.S.

Revamped Solutions

In the same post, PUBG says that they have upgraded security measures in order to cut down on cheating. They also announced that they have improved their anti-cheating solutions and have added a new anti-cheating solution to keep the hackers away.

They also announced that they have been able to gather data on the developers and sellers of the hack. That's how they've been able to coordinate with multiple partners and judicial authorities to crackdown on the number of hackers in the game.

In an interview in December 2017, PUBG creator Brendan Green told Polygon that he was working on a solution for the cheating the last few months of 2017. Green talks about measures that were being implemented in order to reduce the amount of cheating taking place in the game.

Greene estimated in the interview that they've been able to reduce the hacking by 67.5 percent. He cites tools that have been built, along with the developing team analyzing a large amount of data as reasons why they have been able to cut down on the hacking and cheating.

He also implored users of the game to calm down using expletives and said that the developers have a plan for the game that they're still following.

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