PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Getting Map Selection: PUBG Will Let Players Avoid Miramar


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players will now be able to select which map they will be playing in when they join the game. The option is set to hit a test server soon so that players will finally be able know where exactly it is that they're going to die.

PUBG has been introducing new maps, and this allows players to play in maps better suited to their skills.

Map Selection

PUBG announced the change via a post on Steam Community. It also announced the thought process that went into the change. PUBG developers said in the post that players will be able to select through Erangel, Miramar, and Savage, which is still being tested and not out yet.

In the post, developers say that players from all over the world have been clamoring for a map selection feature. They tell players that they take all forms of feedback seriously but that they wanted to be thoughtful about the way that this could change the PUBG experience.

One of the main concerns that the developers had to consider when adding this feature is matchmaking times. Developers say that this was their most troubling issue and that they had to take a lot of time to research and discuss the issue. According to them, they analyzed tens of millions of matches by server, mode, and time to make sure this feature didn't break the game.

Developers say that they scrapped and reworked the map selection feature multiple times. They also say that they gathered feedback from all around the world and not just Reddit.

After introducing how the map selection feature would look like, they added that this isn't the final design. The UI of the feature may be different when it is implemented into PUBG. Users are able to select a map by clicking it. If more than one map is selected, the game will randomly choose one of the maps.

Map selection isn't out yet. It is still being implemented into the test server.

Miramar Problem

When the Miramar map was released, there was nothing but love for it. Players were finally able to get a different experience in PUBG. Some were tired of playing Erangel every time and were yearning for something different. This has changed.

Players have found reasons to complain about the second map even though there are things that they were asking for before Miramar was released. Some of the complaints against Miramar include the map being too large, the ability to traverse the map off-road being difficult, and that there's too much open space.

Some players have even been advocating for the removal of the map from the game. Adding a map selection feature will probably cause these players to get their way and not have to play Miramar ever again.

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