Top Tech Trends in 2015: What Will Be Hot?


The year 2014 saw major progress in technology. Smart cars, connected devices, cloud computing, data analytics, 3D printing, and so much more. All these are sure to make major leaps forward in 2015 as well. Will next year finally bring The Internet of Things closer to reality? Will Big Data really drive all our choices?

Here are some top trends in tech that observers say are going to take huge strides in 2015 and will affect our future everyday lives.

Internet of Things

Many of us already cannot function without our smartphones. These handheld devices connect us to the world in many ways. Phones have also started being able to talk with other devices such as fitness watches, other phones, music players, and even cars and home security systems. The Internet of Things will lead us to a future where everything we do and everything we touch is interconnected in a global Internet of Everything age.

Big Data

You can't talk about the Internet of Things without talking about Big Data. Information and analytics drives everything from the web, how we interact with devices, and how we interact with each other. More and more, each person generates and sends over the internet massive amounts of data to be analyzed and understood.

Big players like IBM and Intel will help companies digest big data and make them useful in formulating critical decisions.

Companies will need to be able to ask important questions about the data they gather and answer them to see how each person and each bit of information fits into the global puzzle.


2014 saw the first Robot actor in a stage play in France. Many experts say that robots are set to take over many jobs that humans currently do. Fortunately, when robots take over human tasks, it also opens doorways for new jobs and skills to service those robots.

Artificial Intelligence

Although current robots are still world's away from the ones we see in movies, artificial intelligence is already making huge advances. In June 2014, Eugene Groostman, a computer program, managed to beat the Turing Test. Perhaps soon, we will be walking and talking side by side with actual thinking robot companions.

3D Printing

3D printing machines are fast becoming so affordable and common that it is allowing anyone with a computer and 3D modeling software to design and build their own machines, robots, and even prosthetics. Instead of waiting months and spending a small fortune on custom designed parts for machines, an at-home builder can come up with anything they dream of. Technology put into the hands of the masses is the kind of technology that will really define how 2015 will push forward.

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