Blumhouse and Universal Studios have released more photos for the upcoming Halloween movie. The horror film will be the 11th installment in the Halloween franchise and will pick up 40 years after the original film's event.

Michael Myers Comes Home

Blumhouse released a teaser clip on its social media page of the highly-anticipated film on June 6, 2018, to hold fans over until the full trailer is released. The official trailer will air on Friday, June 8.
Following the teaser clip, fans were then presented with a look at the main villain Michael Myers' terrifying appearance and the infamous mask that is similar to its predecessor.  

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Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Laurie Strode in the first two films, Halloween H20, and Halloween: Resurrection, will reprise her role as the object of Myers' obsession and sister. Curtis said that this film will bring the new generation into a 40-year-old movie. Nick Castle will also reprise his role as Myers aka The Shape. 

Halloween 40 Years Later  

The synopsis for the horror film states that a British documentary crew comes to the United States to visit and interview Myers in prison; however, things go awry when Myers escapes and is once again on the hunt for revenge against his sister. This time, Laurie is prepared to face her brother for a final showdown since she had been awaiting this moment for 40 years. 

Judy Greer will portray Karen Strode, Laurie's daughter, and Andi Matichak has been confirmed to play Allyson, Karen's daughter, and Laurie's granddaughter. Green stated that the film will touch upon how Laurie's unhealthy obsession with Michael affected her family.

"We're being very honest and truthful about that, how it would affect the upbringing of her daughter, who has a lot of conflicts because of her mother's obsession with this incident, and her granddaughter, who's trying to connect," Green stated.

The film will also star Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, and Omar J. Dorsey.

John Carpenter, who was the director for the first Halloween film, returned to the 2018 film as an executive producer and composer. The film is scheduled to be released on Oct. 19, 2018.  

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