Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Are Struggling Musicians In The ‘A Star Is Born’ Trailer


The highly anticipated musical pairing of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born finally gets a trailer — and unsurprisingly, it looks very promising.

The film, remade from a 1937 film of the same name, follows big-time musician Jackson Maine — Cooper — who is at a crossroads and battling demons until he meets Ally — Gaga — a shy, presumably introverted woman who writes amazing songs but is afraid to sing them herself because, she says, people like the way she sounds but not the way she looks.

A Star Is Born Trailer

To see Gaga as a struggling musician feels somewhat absurd given that she's one of the most talented, famous, and powerful pop stars of her generation. But any die-hard fan knows that Gaga's career hasn't been all that great, especially in the beginning, so a story like A Star Is Born should be right up her alley.

The trailer offers a montage that gives a glimpse of the story: Ally and Jackson fall in love, Ally's career takes off, Ally and Jackson experience personal highs and lows in their relationship. The trailer also shows Jackson pushing Ally to perform in front of a live audience despite her strong objections, to which she ultimately succumbs. Presumably, this is the turning point of her character, and the level of success she attains could be what eventually strains the couple's relationship.

New Original Songs From Gaga

The trailer offers a brief sampling of Cooper and Gaga singing together.

Gaga also wrote a number of songs for the film with Cooper and other artists including Lukas Nelson, Jason Isbell, and Mark Ronson, according to Warner Bros. One of those songs, heard near the end of the trailer, is apparently called "The Shallow," which Gaga wrote with Ronson, notes Entertainment Weekly.

A Star Is Born Production Woes

The film suffered through years and years of production delays and all kinds of woes. At one point, either Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez was attached to play the lead character, but those plans fell through. Clint Eastwood was also originally attached to direct, but those plans fell, too. Eventually, Cooper was given the chance to make it his directorial debut, with Gaga playing the lead in what's to be her big-budget Hollywood debut.

Sam Elliott, comedian Dave Chappelle, Rebecca Field, musician Halsey, and Andrew Dice Clay are some of the costars joining the film.

A Star Is Born Release Date

A Star Is Born opens this Oct. 5. Make sure to check out the trailer below!

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