Here’s How To Enable Amazon Alexa On Your Apple Watch


The Apple Watch currently supports Siri only, which makes sense given Apple's insistence on locking users into its proprietary ecosystem. But there's actually a way to run Amazon's digital assistant on the smartwatch.

A third-party app called Voice in a Can lets users interact with Alexa on an Apple Watch. It's a standalone Apple Watch app, too, which means no pairing with iPhone necessary. It'll only work with modern Apple Watch models, though, and a Wi-Fi signal or LTE connection is needed for it to work.

The Apple Watch is locked to Siri and users are unable to use other digital assistants, but Voice in a Can uses a watch complication to get around that.

The app lets users control smart home items and take advantage of their features, such as turning lights on or off and brewing coffee while they're out of the house. Unfortunately, it can't be used to make calls, play music, listen to podcasts, or perform other Echo-related features.

Oddly, the app disconnects from Alexa when the Apple Watch screen goes black, so make sure to increase timeout limits to prevent this from happening.

How Voice In A Can Works

Voice in a Can works by syncing with the user's main Amazon Alexa account. Once installed, tap an icon within the app to get Alexa to respond — simple as that. It's not a perfect solution, but until Apple lets Amazon bring Alexa to the Apple Watch, this is probably the best alternative at the moment. That might take a while, though. It certainly took some time before Alexa arrived on iPhones.

Voice In A Can Price

Voice in a Can isn't free, though. If you really want to access Alexa from your wrist, then prepare to pay $1.99. This app most likely won't last long, especially once either Apple or Amazon catches wind about what it can do. Get it while you can, then.

It's not entirely impossible to imagine that Apple and Amazon will eventually work together to enable Alexa on Apple Watch devices, one with more integrated functionality. But until that happens, Voice in a Can is probably the most viable stopgap.

Thoughts on Voice in a Can? Do you think Apple will eventually allow other assistants on the Apple Watch, or will users be limited to Siri forever? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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