Thanks to a blunder by Steam, a fourth Just Cause game was just revealed ahead of any announcements from its creators or publisher.

The title was most likely due for a proper reveal at the forthcoming E3 gaming conference, but it appears Steam went ahead and jumped the gun, accidentally placing pre-purchase ads for the title right on the homepage.

Here's what the ad looks like:

The "Click for Details" button doesn't reveal more information or redirect the user to the game's store page, it just brings them back to the store's front page.

Just Cause 4 Leaked?

This isn't the first time Just Cause 4 was leaked, though. It was one of the unannounced games that appeared on Walmart Canada's website last month alongside Rage 2, Lego DC Villains, and a new Assassin's Creed title. Save for Just Cause 4, all those titles have all since been confirmed by their respective publishers.

The leaked ad doesn't give much detail on what to expect from Just Cause 4, but it does feature series protagonist Rico Rodriguez overlooking a dark and stormy jungle environment. It also indicates the game will be announced and available for preorder sooner rather than later.

If Steam's blunder ends up being legitimate, that means Avalanche Studios is working on three titles as of the moment: Just Cause 4, Rage 2 for Bethesda, and Generation Zero, which Avalanche Studios itself will publish. The current publisher of Just Cause games is Square Enix, and that will likely continue with the release of Just Cause 4.

Just Cause Series

The last Just Cause game, called Just Cause 3, was released back in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Just Cause is a series of action-adventure video games set in an open-world environment starring Rodriguez, an operative for an organization called the Agency. Generally, the series has been well-received by gamers and critics alike. Just Cause 3 currently has a score of 73 on Metacritic.

These titles, above all, are action-packed, high-octane fares buoyed by their many spectacles. In its review, IGN said Just Cause 3 was "a game about pulling insane, death-defying stunts while destroying everything in sight with spectacular fireball explosions."

Thrilled for Just Cause 4? Do you think the pre-purchase ad being released early was really an accident? Any speculation on what the story will be about? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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