E3 2018: ‘Fortnite’ Is Available On Nintendo Switch Now


In an unsurprising turn, Fortnite has finally been announced for Nintendo Switch, available now as a free download from the Nintendo eShop.

A handful of reports previously alleged the game would come to Nintendo's hybrid machine and, as it turns out, they were totally right. Those rumors really weren't much of a stretch, though, seeing as Fortnite is basically on every platform there is except Android, which at the time rendered the Switch as the next likely target.

Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Release Date

The port goes live on the eShop at 10 a.m. PST, directly after Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation.

Fortnite delivers the wildly popular battle royale mode that has made it such a phenomenon and a cash cow on PC, consoles, and iOS. It is arguably the hottest game in the world right now with over 40 million people playing each month, according to MarketWatch. Switch players can play against other gamers regardless of what platform they're using. However, it appears Sony is being stingy about cross-play again, so don't expect to face off with PlayStation 4 players anytime soon.

Now that the game is on the Switch, Fortnite's player count will most likely balloon even more given that there are certainly a lot of Switch owners who have been patiently waiting for Epic Games to bring Fortnite over to Nintendo's take-it-anywhere console.

No Nintendo-Themed Content For Now

The only unfortunate thing about this port is that it doesn't have special Nintendo-themed content, unlike the Switch ports of Rocket League and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That could very well come later through patches and updates, though, so no need to fret. Maybe a Metroid skin is on the way? Or perhaps Mario and Luigi emotes? It would be unlike Nintendo not to release a few add-ons at the very least, but time will tell.

Fortnite is now out on Nintendo Switch. It's also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS. An Android version is also currently in development, which, once released, will effectively make Fortnite one of the most ubiquitous games in existence.

Apart from announcing Fortnite, Nintendo also revealed a number of other games at its presentation, including Super Mario Party, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and of course, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Thrilled that Fortnite is finally on the Switch? Think Sony should allow cross-play between PS4 and Switch owners? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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