New Nintendo Labo Kit Announced: Check Out These Car, Plane, And Submarine Toy-Cons


Nintendo has announced the latest bunch of Toy-Cons for Nintendo Labo on Switch: one for controlling a car, one for a plane, and one for a submarine. There's also a new trailer showcasing how they're all used.

The Toy-Cons will come bundled in the new Vehicle Kit, and like other kits, the parts come in flat cardboard packs to be assembled by the user. The package includes a steering wheel, a gas pedal, a joystick for piloting a plane, and other minor accessories. A game is also included in the kit, which takes full advantage of all three control schemes.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Though it still doesn't have an official name, this game in question looks pretty cool. The player seems to be navigating a big island with secrets hidden all over. Players control a multi-purpose vehicle that can navigate unstable terrain, reach the skies by turning into a plane, or head underwater by turning into a submarine.

The trailer also shows it's possible to race, spray-paint vehicles, blow up boulders, and even cut down trees. There's also a two-player mode where the player battles with Arms-inspired cars. The game is played on the TV screen, and the player can switch between each vehicle at will simply by putting a Joy-Con "key" into their controls. The included pedal works with all types of vehicle, by the way.

From the looks of it, the island seems to be a big component of the overall experience. Nintendo is mum about details of the game, but judging by the trailer, plus Nintendo's proclivity for secrets and Easter eggs, the island will probably keep players busy for a long time. Also, it's not just the island that's noteworthy here — there also appears to be a city, a desert, a race track, a golf course — and of course — a gas station. In any case, this is looking to be the most feature-packed game out of all the Labo kits so far.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Pricing And Release Date

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit costs $69.99. It will be available on Sept. 14. Gamers can also opt for the Variety Kit, which comes with a bunch of different accessories that work with a diverse set of minigames; or the Robot Kit, which includes a robot suit and a game.

Thoughts about the new Labo kit? Do you think it's worth $70? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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