Pandora users will surely be delighted as the popular music service becomes finally available on Google Home, Max, and Mini devices.

Google revealed that users of its smart speakers and screens with Assistant built-in will be able to subscribe to Pandora Premium. Pandora is even offering an amazing free 90-day Premium trial which can be availed through the Google Home app on Android or Play Store.

Users can also check out the Google Home offers page on their Chrome browser to avail the promo. Pandora usually charges $10 per month.

Google Assistant users can also use Deezer, an internet-based music streaming service. This will allow people to get access to an astonishing amount of 36 million HiFi tracks and voice support.

Pandora Features

With the development, people can listen to any album, playlist, or song just by searching for the lyrics or asking Google. This enables them to check out playlists that are tailored to their mood.

Users of Google Assistant can also thumbs down and thumbs up songs, skip tracks, make new stations, or play songs repeatedly on Pandora by just using their voice .

Additionally, to make playing songs more efficient, users can set Pandora as a default on Google Home. When users do this, they do not have to specify playing the songs on Pandora whenever they use voice command.

Spotify is considered as Pandora's ultimate competitor. Both services offer a wide array of features as well as music. Now, Pandora is stepping up its game with new feature additions, along with the new Google Assistant addition.

This spring, Pandora has released personalized playlists which are made based on the listening behavior of its users. The said feature was developed using Music Genome. Through the personalized playlists, Pandora can make over 60 playlist variations for each user depending on his or her mood.

Increased Demand For Pandora

Another popular edge of Pandora is lyrics search. Notably, Spotify does not offer the same feature. It has not even released plans of launching it soon. Other services which offer lyrics search are Amazon Music and Apple Music.

Pandora has an increasing market across the world. According to a July report, the company's paying customers has drastically increased to 351,000 in both the Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus.

As of last quarter, the company has amassed more than 6 million paying users. This 23 percent year-over-year increase signals a bright future for the service. 

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