Months after introducing the Nest x Yale Smart Lock, Nest announced that its first smart lock can now be managed using Google Assistant.

The Nest x Yale Smart Lock, which came as the latest addition to Nest's ecosystem of Google Assistant-enabled security products, will now let users control the security system using Google's voice AI starting Aug. 29. Nest x Yale Smart Lock also joins the lists of multiple smart locks already on the market such as August, Vivint, and Schlage that support Google Assistant. 

Primarily, the Nest x Yale Smart Lock is controlled by users with the help of the Nest app on Android and iOS. With Nest x Yale Smart Lock, users are able to create passcodes for locking the door and get notifications when the door has been locked or unlocked. 

"Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world, making it easy for you to monitor your doorstep while you're away. For example, you can lock the door automatically before going to bed by saying 'Hey Google, goodnight'," Nest wrote in a blog post.

Extensive Functions

Among the functions that are set to be added in the new update of the Nest x Yale Smart Lock includes a locking the door with a "Hey Google" command as well as the capacity to ask Google Assistant whether or not the door is locked. Additionally, locking the door can also be added as a part of a custom routine. However, users won't be able to unlock their doors with voice commands. 

The feature works well on both smartphones and Assistant-equipped smart speakers such as the Google Home series. Custom routines are made using the Google Home app. Apart from its Google Assistant feature, the Nest x Yale Smart Lock also exhibits a security button that systematically locks the door with a tap of the thumb. 

The Nest x Yale Smart Lock is offered as a single unit for $249 and as a Nest Connect bundle for $279. Aside from the Nest x Yale Smart Lock, the home automation company also boasts security products such as the Nest Protect smoke alarm, Nest Thermostat, Nest Secure alarm system, Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest Temperature Sensor, and the Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera. Similar to the Nest x Yale Smart Lock, the Nest Cam IQ likewise supports Google Assistant features including reminders and calendar management.

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