Microsoft has enabled Alexa and Cortana support for the Xbox One, opening up the console to voice commands from hundreds of millions of smart devices that are powered by either of the two digital assistants.

The announcement of the new Xbox One feature comes just a few weeks after the Amazon and Alexa partnership finally went online. How else will the two digital assistants team up to take on Apple's Siri and Google Assistant?

Xbox One Voice Commands With Alexa And Cortana

In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Skill, which will allow Xbox One owners to control their console using voice commands through smart devices powered by Alexa and Cortana.

The is not the first time that Xbox One voice commands have been allowed, as such a feature was enabled on the Kinect. However, Microsoft stopped the production of Kinect adapters for Xbox One early this year, so moving the feature to the more modern method of letting digital assistants handle voice commands was the logical next step.

Examples of voice commands that can be issued to the Xbox One include turning on the console, launching specific games, adjusting the volume levels, capturing screenshots, and initiating broadcasts, among many others. The voice commands should be issued like any other Alexa or Cortana command, such as "Alexa, turn on my Xbox One" or "Cortana, take a screenshot."

Users will also be able to find out what else Alexa or Cortana can do with the Xbox One by saying "Ask Xbox what can I say?"

How To Enable Voice Commands On Xbox One

The Xbox Skill to enable Xbox One voice commands through Alexa or Cortana is currently bring rolled out to Xbox Insider rings in the United States.

For Cortana devices, the Xbox One voice commands may be activated by first signing in to the Xbox One and then linking the Xbox Skill by accessing a page where the user can then sign in with their Microsoft account.

Meanwhile, for Alexa devices, after signing in to the Xbox One, users can enable the skill by accessing a page where the user can then sign in with their Microsoft account. Alexa will then discover the console and will issue commands on how to pair the Xbox One with the Alexa-powered device.

The release date of the feature to all Xbox One users is currently unknown, but it should be drawing near, as the Xbox Skill is already being tested by Xbox Insider members.

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