Now is definitely the perfect time to download Destiny 2. To celebrate the release of the game on PC, Activision is offering the game for free for a limited time only, game director Steve Cotton has announced.

Players have a chance to download a free copy of Destiny 2 on their PCs between now and Nov. 18. It's not a demo or a "lite" version of the game, either — it's the real deal, and players will get to keep it forever provided they download it within the aforementioned window. No caveats at all.

Download 'Destiny 2' For Free

What's more, the free copy also comes with a gift players will be able to grab in addition. The only thing they have to do is download the game through a account. They'll be able to download the base version of Destiny 2, which comes with the original eight-hour campaign and a level of 20. Players will also get access to the original Leviathan raid and the Crucible multiplayer mode.

'Destiny 2' DLC

However, players will not get Forsaken, which is the game's most recent expansion. Those who want it will have to splurge $40 to get it. Bear in mind that the game's year one DLC, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, are both included with this purchase. In that regard, that's not too bad a price. After all, the base game already costs nothing.

The offer only applies to people who haven't downloaded Destiny 2 yet, of course. However, those who have downloaded it will get a special emblem instead.

This isn't the first time for the game to be offered for free. Activision similarly slashed the cost in September as part of the downloadable games roster for the PlayStation 4's paid online subscription service, PlayStation Plus.

Obviously, the company is trying to grow Destiny 2's audience even further, especially since it lost a number of players in the months following the game's release in September 2017. Lowering the barrier to entry is an excellent strategy, and it's great to hear that the game's two-year expansion has helped fix a lot of the issues that drove some players away in the first place, making it as good a time as any to give it one more try.

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