Netflix Is Coming To… E3? New Netflix Game Adaptations Might Be Announced


Netflix is officially attending E3 this June, which is a bit odd considering it's not a video game company. But that's about to change soon as the streaming service releases the game adaption of its popular show Stranger Things, and apparently, there might be a few more announcements beyond that.

Netflix Is Attending E3

The company is set to host a panel this June at the world's biggest gaming event. It's not clear what Netflix has up its sleeve, but it seems to be harboring an increasingly deep interest in games of late. It's been developing titles for several months now despite denying such reports, for example. Plus, the platform is slowly widening its slate of interactive shows, the most significant example being the Black Mirror spin off Bandersnatch.

Netflix's attendance at E3 was subtly confirmed by the The NX on Netflix Twitter account, which promotes the company's fantasy and science-fiction content.

"Getting hype for #E32019. Hey @E3, can we get an invite?" it tweeted, specifically calling out the E3's official Twitter account.

E3 then came back with a reply, asking what the company could be bringing to its panel, called "Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games." Netflix then responded, confirming that the Stranger Things title will be making an appearance — but possibly some other stuff too.

"Of course there's the upcoming @Stranger_Things game but hmmmmm... there's definitely more to come!"

Video Game Adaptations

Given the title of its panel, it's safe to assume Netflix might be giving its other shows the video game adaptation treatment similar to what it's done with Stranger Things. Netflix and E3's online banter is amusing, if not a little too rehearsed, but the bigger question here isn't what Netflix might announce, but what its plans for gaming are. Is the streaming company going to develop more games for PC and consoles moving forward? Or, although unlikely, is it planning to roll out a video game streaming service in the vein of Google Stadia?

Netflix has made some vague side glances at gaming in the past, but none has been particularly concrete, except perhaps its plans to develop more interactive content, which is a lot different from games, obviously. Technically, though, those still qualify as games for the sole reason that users can interact with them and influence their structure and flow.

In any case, make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more about Netflix's plans. In the meantime, feel free to sound off in the comments section below if you have anything to share!

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