Google Photos is rolling out a new feature that will certainly be useful for many people. Now, users will be able to search for photos based on the text in them and even copy and paste it into documents.

Text Recognition

Google Photos already allows users to search for photos based on what is in them. For example, if a user is trying to look for a photo of a specific flower, he or she only needs to type “flower,” and Google Photos will turn up all the photos in the album with flowers in them, making it easier to find the exact photo a user is searching for. It is a convenient feature and one that finds some images better than the others.

Now, however, it will be just as easy to search for photos that have texts in them. With Google Photos’ new feature, users who are looking for an image with text in in them, for instance a screenshot of a text message, will be able to search for it just as easily. In the case example, a user needs only to type “screenshot,” and Google Photos will turn up all the screenshots in the photo gallery.

Copy-Paste Feature

Apart from being able to find photos with texts easily, users can also copy and paste the texts on the images using Google Lens. To do this, a user must simply open the image, select the lens from the icons at the bottom of the screen, highlight the text they wish to copy, and choose copy/paste.

A practical example of using this app would be for long and complicated Wi-Fi passwords that users have screenshots or photos of. With the new feature, it would be quicker to find the image and definitely quicker to input the password with the copy-paste feature.

In a tweet, Google confirmed that the new feature will be rolling out starting this month after several users tweeted their experiences with it. It will be available on Android first, but it will eventually roll out on iOS and the web.

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