Samsung may relaunch the Galaxy Fold on Sept. 6, says a new report. Following reports of poor build quality and engineering, the Galaxy Fold's supposed release date was promptly delayed, and its relaunch has been nebulous at best ever since. But the tumultuous device could be hitting shelves very soon.

The Galaxy Fold is perhaps one of the most much-anticipated devices in recent memory, in large part because of its "folding" mechanism, which allows the user to fold the phone in half to use it as a regular phone, then unfold it and use it as a phablet. This is a legitimate innovation in the smartphone industry, which has gone stale in recent years in terms of design.

Galaxy Fold Problems

As exciting as it was, however, the Galaxy Fold suffered from numerous problems during the early impressions phase. Upon receiving test models from Samsung, it didn't take long for reviewers to take notice of the phone's flimsy build quality, highly vulnerable screen, and other problems related to design that greatly affected just how usable and durable the phone is.

Galaxy Fold Relaunch Date

Now, four months after the Fold's original launch date, a new report indicates Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold in Korea on Sept. 6. In July, the company said it was targeting a September re-release date for the Galaxy Fold, but this marks the first time a specific date is making the rounds. There's hardly any confirmation if this is true, though, so take these rumors with a grain of salt. However, Android Central says the report corroborates murmurings it has heard, too.

The report goes on to say that Samsung was previously planning on a late September release but for some reason decided to push it ahead earlier in the month. Sept. 6, perhaps not coincidentally, is also the same day that the IFA consumer trade show begins, so perhaps Samsung plans to talk about the Galaxy Fold's re-release there.

As for stateside folks, Samsung apparently plans to re-release the Galaxy Fold outside Korea later in September. Exact release dates for the United States, UK, Canada, and other countries are unknown as of yet, though. In any case, make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

It's worth noting that when it does arrive in the United States, the phone will have a more limited availability than Samsung had originally planned. T-Mobile, for instance, said in late July that it will no longer be carrying the Galaxy Fold. The phone's availability on AT&T also remains unclear.

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