Amazon Echo Dot
(Photo : Screenshot from Amazon)

It's common knowledge that when you own the Amazon Echo, you can ask it to do the basics: play your favorite songs, manipulate your smart home devices, and simply make you do the basics—play music, control your smart home devices, and make you giggle. But do you know that Alexa has more extraordinary skills that you may not have imagined it could do that you intentionally do not tap it? One example is that Alexa can help you decide what to wear for the day as based on the weather.

Also, you can use Alexa's unique skills to help you when you're all tied up with many things that you need to remember when to take your medicines or check the weather outside before you leave. Indeed, Amazon Echo's Alexa can do more than you can ever imagine. Learn more from here, and you will discover how worthy this Amazon product is, of your money.

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5 Great Surprises from Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot
(Photo : Screenshot from Amazon)

The Amazon Echo is more than just your music player. It can serve as your personal assistant, whether at home or work. Here are 5 of the many things this smart device can do that you never thought it could:

  1. It can be your key finder if your keys go missing all the time. Don't you just plop your keys elsewhere at home when you arrive from home or school? Luckily, you can ask Alexa to help you find the keys when rushing. All you need to do is connect an RFID device to your keychain. Pair the said device with Alexa.
  2. Alexa can speak to your dogs and cats and be friends with them. Say, you know you're spending all day or night away from home, and you're leaving your pet behind, worry no more. Your Amazon Echo can keep your cat or dog company. Simply download skills in the Alexa app, such as the Woof-ing or Meow-ing sound, for your furry best friend to have some pleasant conversation with while waiting for you.
  3. Make Alexa your fashion consultant. If you're one of the many busy people who can't even find time to check the weather for the day, you can ask Alexa what clothes to wear to perfectly match either a rainy, sunny, or windy day. Yes, this Amazon Echo device can tell you if it's the perfect day to sear a pair of shorts or pants, sandals or boots, a jacket or shirt. Just enable Alexa's Dress Right skill in the app to get the wardrobe information you need.
  4. The Amazon Echo can tell you when it's time for your medicines. Just as how Alexa tells you where your keys are when they're misplaced, it can also remind you to take your medicines on time. Not only that, but it also tells you which specific drug to take at a particular time. Who needs a nurse when there's Alexa to remind you to take your medication for your blood pressure at 2 p.m.?
  5. Alexa can assist you with a charity donation. Do you intend to help a community, but you just don't have the time and chance to volunteer? Turn this intention to help into a donation. Let the Amazon Echo help you get started. Simply tell the app you want to donate, and it will ask you which charity you want to help. There are more than 300 choices for you to choose from. It's up to you to decide (upon Alexa's asking) how much you'd want to donate. Just be sure, though, to have the Amazon Pay all set up prior to your donation. 
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