It looks like Amazon's Alexa technology is going to be visible everywhere. This is after Rohit Prasad, the chief scientist of AI division, discussed the company's plan for the audio technology product. At present, Amazon has 17 good audio systems. In his exclusive interview with BBC, Prasad said, "I test my own technology, with all of them being called Alexa." He added, he'd see which one was waking up and whether it was the right device.

As mentioned, the company scientist shared Amazon's plans for Alexa to make it a smarter tech product and follow the users wherever they go. In the BBC interview, it was indicated that this technology "is known in the trade as universal ambient computing, and the company is hoping to corner the market." In the United States, the leading online retail shop is already selling the Echo System, playing Alexa via the car speakers. More so, Prasad admitted that he wants a virtual assistant to keep the users company wherever they go.

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Goal Achievement

The main goal of Amazon at present, Prasad explained, is for Alexa technology to improve or get better at circumstantial reasoning. And, in pursuit of this objective, the company recently introduced its own "Alexa-enabled earbuds" and is currently testing other wearable devices including a ring and glasses with select consumers. The firm's representative added, the more customers Alexa attracts, the more time spent communicating with it.

Moreover, Prasad said, the more data his AI team and the training algorithms involved can come in to make room for improvements. He also explained that there are "hundreds of millions of devices globally, that are already making billions of requests" week after week from customers. The scientist continued saying that Alexa is now offering over 100,000 skills, its own apps version, and can communicate with other tech products from over 9,500 brands.

The Choice of Gender

Undoubtedly, Google is benefitting from the fact that its assistant is developed well into Android. It means that handset owners already get to use it to assist them in their everyday activities. However, in the contest of offering the smartest assistant ever, Prasad claimed, Alexa has evolved a rapid pace since its launch. All components have turned smarter by four times when it comes to Amazon's error rate in 2014 up to the present.

The figure, according to the Amazon official, is based on exact handling and management of 4 everyday tasks which include waking up to the selected 'trigger' word like Amazon, Echo, Alexa or Computer; speech recognition that converts spoken orders into text prior to its processing; language understanding which engages making sense of the framework and different ways words which the users speak can also be arranged in sentences; and the text-to-speech synthesis used to provide the responses of Alexa in its unique female access. Here's the most interesting news from Amazon: the company is set to let its users purchase substitute celebrity voices for their Alexa device, starting with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson. 

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