Coronavirus COVID-19 is Making Aliens Leave Planet Earth Says UFO Hunter
(Photo : Miriam Espacio on Unsplash ) Coronavirus COVID-19 is Making Aliens Leave Planet Earth Says UFO Hunter

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is now on its very alarming stage that currently reaches over 2,000 death tolls and less than 80,000 confirmed victims around the world, as of Sunday, Feb. 23. This resulted in citizens flying out of their country with confirmed cases to prevent of being part of the increasing victim rate.

However, according to a UFO Hunter, there seemed to be another set of population allegedly living on planet Earth that are also possibly alarmed with this widespread disease-- and they are now leaving the planet.

Shocking! Aliens fear Coronavirus; they are now leaving Earth!

On a Youtube video posted by Scott Waring on his blog site ET Database, he mentioned that when he was watching the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA live cam feed, he noticed a particular spacecraft-looking vehicle that was roaming near the International Space Station or ISS.

Based on his video -- which is not yet verified by NASA, he zoomed in on a moving image of a hive-shaped spacecraft that Waring described as 'not seeing before' and might be a 'top-secret' Russian or American spaceship. Though there are a lot of possibilities of the identity of the said spaceship, Waring is confident that it is an alien spacecraft on the video.

"This object is of shape and size I've never seen before. It's huge. It's like a bus. It's really big and a hive-shaped, and it's really strange," Waring said. "It doesn't look like a satellite. It doesn't have solar panels or any radar conditions on it." 

Interestingly, seeing what said to be the "alien spacecraft" on a video is not just what was ultimately shocking but what Waring mentioned in the video.

Good side of Coronavirus: 'They make aliens go away"

As Waring mentioned in the video, the said alien spacecraft looks like leaving the planet Earth when the video was taken. It was slowly moving away from the Earth and looks like going straight up 'after moving below the ISS vehicle.' 

"I believed if it were a capsule, it would have gone into low earth orbit then lower to land. But when this object shot upward into deep space, it literally blew my mind", he wrote. 

Though it is still not clear on why an alleged alien spacecraft was roaming outside the planet Earth, Waring connected this issue on the increasing rate of Coronavirus or COVID-19 with their sudden appearance outside of the planet. 

The 'UFO Hunter' said that the issue was "spreading like wildfire out of control," and this might be the reason why aliens are leaving the planet in order to stay away from the said disease. 

"If this is true, expect to see a big rise in UFO sightings as they appear from underground bases and leave Earth's atmosphere," Waring warned. 

As of today, NASA and ISS have not yet released any statements surrounding the claims of Waring of confirming that there are alien spacecraft and the connection of Coronavirus to the issue. 

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