In a recent turn of events, North Korea's very own Kim Jong Un has decided to launch "unidentified projectiles" towards Japan and so far, we still do not know if these missiles released are lethal or have just been used as a demonstration of North Korea's Power. Kim Jong Un has decided to step outside with mask-wearing troops to demonstrate how this country is powerful enough that not even the deadly coronavirus or Covid-19 can penetrate them!

After Launching Three Missiles, North Korea's Kim Jong Un Claims Superiority against Coronavirus!
(Photo : Screenshot From Kim Jong Un Facebook Page)
Kim Jong Un North Korea Coronavirus

Kim Jong Un sticks to his claims that he is a god

As the North Korean soldiers were equipped with masks, Kim Jong Un shows off by being equipped with binoculars but bare-faced as a symbolic representation that no virus will be able to take him down. So far, North Korea has a very inhumane way of dealing with those infected by the coronavirus or Covid-19 by killing them before the virus gets any opportunity to spread. There have been two conducted tests over the course of nine days and the South Korea's leaders are meeting to discuss the short-range projectiles off the country's east coast.

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North Korea has a very brutal way of handling the coronavirus but quite effective

With eliminating the infected, North Korea eliminates the entire risk of the disease spreading. North Korea has reportedly a very low value for human life based on their communist beliefs believing that each individual must sacrifice themselves for the greater good which then pushes these kinds of actions. The ultimatum is that Kim Jong Un is able to display dominance against whatever threats North Korea experiences which leads to the course of these actions.

The recent missiles launched towards Japan

Taking advantage of the worldwide panic, North Korea decided to showcase once again their power by launching three different missiles towards Japan which have not yet been identified as harmful or just a test subject or showcase to display how powerful the country really is. The attention diverts back to North Korea as the release of these missiles confirms what Kim Jong Un really wants, war!

The recent peace talks between the United States and North Korea have failed

President Donald Trump met up with Kim Jong Un for talks of diplomacy hoping that North Korea could give up their weapons but the United States was unwilling to remove sanctions against the country resulting into a no-deal for both of them. Instead of being able to strike an agreement, the whole talk did not continue as both parties were unwilling to compromise.

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North Korea is still at war with South Korea

North Korea's long existing enemy, South Korea, has been suffering major blows as of recent from the coronavirus or Covid-19 and although this is just right next to North Korea, the virus has not yet been able to penetrate and has remained contained in South Korea. Kim Jong Un may take even more drastic moves as the world focuses on fear and panic of the coronavirus or Covid-19.

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