The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns the public about fake coronavirus antibody tests from fraudsters. According to Fox News' latest report, the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has served as a large playground for many scammers to capitalize on coronavirus misinformation by offering fake antibody tests, which could be used to steal personal information, claimed by the FBI.

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This month, the FBI stated that Social Security numbers or health insurance information can be stolen by scammers or fraudsters using unproven or fake antibody tests, marketing them to people. Antibody tests were created by medical experts to determine if a person was infected with coronavirus previously and has since developed antibodies, which could help the human body fight off another COVID-19 infection.

Scammers use fake COVID-19 antibody tests to steal insurance information and SSN

According to CNN's latest report, the antibody tests, which were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), were all been tested previously by the National Institutes of Health's National Cancer Institute or by another government agency. However, it will still be difficult for a person to distinguish what is real or fake when they are being offered an antibody testtest over the phone.

The FBI said that it is a red flag if marketers are offering free tests or dangle incentives for getting an antibody test since medical labs and other facilities only test patients who request them. Being offered with an antibody test out of the blue is one sign that you're being scammed.

The FBI suggested that an individual should refuse if they are being offered a test without expressing any interest at all. Other warnings include targeted ads on email, social media, or unsolicited phone calls.

The report pointed out that antibody tests are voluntary; they are offered antibody tests by an unknown person to an individual through emails, calls, or texts, stating that the government requires him/her to take a test should already be considered a scam.

The FBI recommends that people consult their doctors since they know the tests approved by the FDA and considered accurate before agreeing to any antibody tests. People should not provide personal information with anyone besides their health care provider.

It was also suggested to only use well-known laboratories approved by health insurance.

According to the report, fraudsters have lead people to a link to submit their personal information, calling and texting them, saying that they have been infected with COVID-19; the incidents were reported to have started in March. People also received calls from scammers, telling them that someone they know is sick, and a hospital with personal and financial information must be provided.

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