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'Fear Of Missing Out' And Abundance Of Information Narrow Global Attention Span, Researchers Say

Research showed that the acceleration of popular content is driven by the increasing production and consumption of content. This information overload resulted in decreasing global attention span on individual topics.

Feature | Health April 22, 2019

Here's How Newly Learned Concepts Form In Your Brain's 'Filing System'

Carnegie Mellon University researchers were, in effect, able to read the minds of people while they contemplate a new thought. Their experiment also revealed how the brain stores information.

June 12, 2015

Many Breast Cancer Patients in the Dark about Tumors, Says Study

Every year, breast cancer claims the lives of thousands of women. Surprisingly, the very same women suffering from the condition are the ones who don’t know much about it.

Life January 26, 2015

Pew Study: Americans Thankful to Internet for Making Them Better Informed

A survey reveals that Americans are thankful to the Internet for keeping them "better informed" with a variety of topics, including products and services, news and pop culture.

Internet December 9, 2014

Ex-FBI leader not too thrilled with Apple, Google smartphone encryption moves

iOS encryption would have cost a man his life if it had been in place during an investigation several years ago, says a former FBI head. He believes Google and Apple's new encryption protects the bad guys.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 23, 2014

Cynk is sinking as trades are halted over social network company's murky existence

Cynk sees trading of its stock halted by the feds. It comes after the social network company reportedly delivered inaccurate information to potential investors.

Business July 11, 2014

ICANN chief downplays China, Russia censorship of Web as U.S. cedes Internet oversight

ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé sets things straight on why the transition plan of the U.S. government to a multi-stakeholder model will not affect Internet availability and will not allow countries to restrict the use of Internet.

Internet April 4, 2014

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