Microsoft revealed that they are in the works for a new server chip and Surface Book processors that would soon allow the company to go stand on its own feet, rather than rely on the tech giant, Intel for computer hardware. The software company is also looking to go self-sufficient which was the popular move made by a rival, Apple with its ARM-based Silicon chip.

The multinational technology company from Redmond, Microsoft, has decided for its future and would go to the path of making their own chip technology to rely less on Intel's hardware and tech. The design is initially focused to process the information on its data centers, mostly for its servers as it provides a massive chunk of the world's software. 

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft insiders wished to retain their anonymity but have revealed this new venture by the software company. Much like most of the computer giants in the world, Microsoft is heavily reliant on Intel's chip technology and designs for all their needs for hardware and processing. 

However, that would not be the case shortly as the design would power Microsoft's main bread and butter, its servers, and data centers which connect its Windows OS platform and products to users globally. The Redmond-based company has long migrated its services to data centers for all the software needs of the Windows platform. 

Moreover, this change would also look into developing new processor chips for Microsoft Surface Book variants, furthering its self-sufficiency from the chip-making giant. The server chips are the top priority for Microsoft and the one which would likely be produced by the company instead of the Surface chips for its laptop computers. 

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Microsoft Data Centers: Is a New Server Chip Ideal?

The new server chip is said to be coming from a sole ARM-based chip company called Arm, Ltd., for its data centers. The collaboration with a different company would empower Microsoft's data centers which are focused on better processing on its servers, 

The software giant, Microsoft, has stepped up its recent hiring game by recruiting engineers from the massive computer hardware companies such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm, all focused on server chip technology. 

Intel's Xeon server chip technology is focused on powering Microsoft's data centers and has been working side-by-side with the software giant in the past years. Despite different market gains and losses, Microsoft still controls 90 percent of the market, with Intel helping the company achieve this in the last decade. 

Microsoft Surface: Would it Be Like the Apple M1?

On the other hand, the lesser probability venture by Microsoft, the new processor chips for the Surface Book pc laptops would also join Apple in going self-sufficient if it pushes through with the project. No information is revealed regarding the new chip, especially if it would also use an ARM-based Silicon chip.

However, Microsoft's collaboration with Arm, Ltd. highly signifies the usage of the ARM technology for its servers and has a massive possibility of applying it for Surface processors. Apple's M1 is one of the most promising technologies of the year, and soon companies would also follow the Cupertino giant's footsteps. 

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