Recently, Spotify has been granted a new patent that wants to turn the popular music app into a tool that recommends you the best music based on your conversations, mood, and feelings. It monitors your daily conversations around your phone to analyze the best music themes that may suit you.

Spotify wants to Access your Conversations to Analyze Feelings and Suggest Better Music
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According to Music Business Worldwide, it was still back in February 2018 that Spostify had proposed this functionality.  However, it was just last month when they have been granted access to the patent called "Identification of taste attributes from an audio signal".

Spotify Might Soon Analyze All Kinds of Sounds Around You

Upon the grant of the patent, Spotify has been working on bringing the concept into reality. Spotify will now use a speech recognition technology to be able to analyze language, intonation, rhythm, stress and other factors of speech to understand your mood. Moreover, other information related to a user's demographic such as age and even gender will be used to better analyze and recommend songs that will be suitable for users. 

Tech the Lead reports that aside from conversations, other sounds will also be analyzed by Spotify. For instance, sounds that are not related to speech will also be recorded. If you're in the beach, in the middle of the street, or partying at the club, Spotify will be able to recognize these sound signals to better understand the user's lifestyle and will therefore recommend music that is more timely and relevant.

As of the moment, the mechanism that Spotify uses to recommend music is to ask a ton of questions to users. They require users to input answers to many of these queries in order to understand the user's taste in music.Included here are asking user's favorite songs, playlists, or artists.

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Using Sounds to Translate into Moods and Feelings 

Upon permanent listening to sounds around you, Spotify will be able to understand you better. This includes analyzing your moods or feelings. It can therefore understand your mood at a primary level based on the things that you say and the intonation that you say it. It can predict basic moods like happiness, anger, sadness, or neutrality. 

This latest patent has received numerous backlashes especially for those concerned about user's privacy and security. Since this new feature would mean giving access to Spotify for your daily whereabouts, it may be an object of potential interest by actors who have negative intentions. 

As of the moment, the concept is still a patent. Furthermore, Spotify has not released any news yet about any possible release dates of the feature. It is not yet certain if Spotify will soon be releasing this in actuality or not. However, it is certain that Spotify will soon be asking people's consent to make such access. 

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