For those who find it tedious to repeat writing information when filling out forms, Microsoft Edge's new feature will help you accomplish filling through its autofill support, where your previously-typed texts can also be searched.

Microsoft Edge Just Made Filling Forms Much Easier

People always dream of having an auto-complete feature, so there will be no need to get through the manual filling of information like names and addresses. For the past years, the auto-fill update made writing down details much faster, so users save more time filling out forms.

According to a report by Tech Radar's Mark Sofia Wyciślik-Wilson, the said feature is not regularly working the way it is expected to function.

The browsing programs, for instance, have a hard time implementing this, so Microsoft came up with the idea of updating its browser for this auto-fill trademark. The multinational tech giant specifically named the feature "user-initiated search for autofill suggestions."

In a statement of Microsoft in its development roadmap, it stated that when a user has stored information on the Edge browser, autofill suggestions would automatically appear for you to complete filling out forms easily.

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However, the company said that there are some cases that a user could miss some details in a form. If that happens, they could use the feature to search the details back for convenience.

The company only meant that when a normal autofill is not possible, the feature will support your searching of information. There is no need to type the whole details from scratch since the feature will now be assigned to accomplish the task.

How to Use the Autofill Feature?

If you are planning to access the autofill option, make sure that you have the Microsoft Edge browser first. In the case of Microsoft Edge builds, which could be readily available for the feature to work, do not worry anymore as the browser's Dev and Canary build can support it.

Just download the versions of the browser from the website of Edge Insider. If you want to enable the feature, it is automatically accessible by default.

First, to utilize the autofill feature, type a forward slash or "/" in any space of the form that you want to fill out. Now, you can have a clearer view of the form to see the previous data saved in Microsoft Edge.

For instance, if you write the said symbol "/" before writing a letter or a number for your home address, you can select it from the list below. Through this, you can now automatically fill out the rest of the details in the form.

How Does Autofill Feature Impact Security?

The feature provides a large room of convenience for the users, but according to a blog by Net Sparker, the autofill option could be a way for hackers to access the data in your browser and computer.

Mustafa Yalcin, the blog author, said that if a cyber attacker plans to invade your browser, chances are your information and confidential details like password and email address will also be exposed. If you have information about your credit card, it may add insult to the injury any further.

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