Microsoft Excel New Updates Unlock Default Full List Keyboard Shortcuts
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Leila Gharaini) Microsoft Excel now receives updates including keyboard shortcuts and more.

Microsoft Excel only gets better through several new features that it received to expand its usability for the users. The platform now welcomes the upgrades that now arrive for the web use of the people who love making spreadsheets online.

What Are Those Upgrades That You Should Check Out in Microsoft Excel?

According to a report by Tech Radar, the tech giant is committed to paving a smoother way for the users to use the new features for a much richer experience when using Excel.

The recent updates have seen a huge growth in the software's navigation, as well as its support in version history and multiple range sections.

If you want to open Microsoft Excel with many worksheets, users can now shift to the web through the feature. In addition, the company also decided to let the users choose the corresponding ranges, and they could color it or do a "copy-paste" task.

Meanwhile, the additional support of the program also covered the zooming options, where users are free to zoom in and out of a sheet. Now, you can magnify the item from 25 to 200 percent depending on your preference.

It is also noticeable that the software has developed into a much more powerful tool through acquiring the new keyboard shortcuts. However, these keyboard shortcuts can be enabled in Excel itself, and not through a web browser that a user wants to open.

Microsoft Excel also received support in its version history, where users can now go back to their previous spreadsheets if they want to review them. The feature is perfectly made for those who want to make a spreadsheet project with others.

The last feature will be the regional settings added to the program. For users' web usability, the said feature is unlocked for those who want to set their currency depending on their location. They could also change their time zone and number anytime they like.

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In the future, Microsoft will still feature another set of new updates, so the service will continue to flourish as people's needs also change over the course of time.

How To Use Each Feature?

According to Microsoft Tech Community, to access them, followed the following steps for the corresponding feature.

Worksheet Navigation

Direct to the lower-left corner of the interface and search for the 'All Sheets' button. Click it and select the worksheet.

Multiple range selection

Hold the Ctrl key while you are choosing the tiles that you want to select regardless of their number. Remember that you are now allowed to choose two non-adjacent columns for the format.

Excel keyboard shortcuts by default

You can now use the new shortcuts like Ctrl-Shift A, and Ctrl-1 to name a few. Head to Excel and you can now see a pool of hotkeys available for your work. To view the full list, click the 'Help' tab and choose 'Keyboard Shortcuts Override.' The 'Override browser shortcuts' is selected by default so you can alter it if you want.

Zoom in/out

To enable this, stretch the zoom button on your pad, then click Ctrl and scroll using the mouse wheel. Next, select Ctrl Alt +/- key then click the +/- button. Now you can select the zoom level which you can see in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Version history

To access this, simply click 'File,' then press the 'Info' tab, and head to the 'Version history.'

Regional settings

There are two ways for this setting to work. If you want to change the location, date or currency in your Excel, first head to the 'File.' Next, head to the 'Options' and lastly go to the 'Regional Format Settings.'

You can also access it by selecting 'Number Format drop-down list' then click 'More Number Formats.'

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