In an interesting turn of events, Tesla is still pursuing a price increase on its Solar Roof package for customers despite having a signed contract for more than a year ago that solidifies the fee of its purchase. It was initially reported that the company aims for a price increase of its Solar Roofing technology and this is apparent for all customers. 

Tesla Increases Price for Solar Roof

Tesla's Stock Hits Two And Half Year Low As Analysts Continue Downgrading The Company
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BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA - MAY 20: Tesla cars are parked in front of a Tesla showroom and service center on May 20, 2019 in Burlingame, California. Stock for electric car maker Tesla fell to a 2-1/2 year low after Wall Street analysts questioned the company's growth prospects.

There were reported price increase announcements from Tesla, and according to Electrek, the company has been planning the increase for a long time now, especially as it has moved up as a demanded home equipment. The popularity of the Tesla Solar Roof has increased, particularly because of its environmental-friendly technology, along with its reliable features for users. 

Tesla Solar has been a massive help earlier this year for Texas, particularly as a ravaging storm has taken out power grids and shut-off electric distribution in the state. The only ones with power are homes with solar roofing, particularly those from Tesla which proved its reliability and function despite the heavy snowfall and drastic conditions.

Tesla Solar Roof on Snow
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Additionally, the winter storm that hit Texas showed how the company's technology can be used for any condition, even when the sun is covered by clouds that produce rain or snowfall to still acquire power. Moreover, Elon Musk's Tesla Powerwall's smart home integration shows how it manages the remaining power to prioritize the needs of the household. 

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Tesla Customers with Signed Contracts Plans to Sue

Amidst the events of Tesla's intent to increase prices, customers with signed contracts for installations and purchases thought they would be safe from the price hike, but were ultimately let down by the developments. The forum of Tesla Motors Club discussed the Solar Roof price increase which many users found distasteful from the company.

Tesla Solar Roof
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Here, they threw slurs and massive words against the company for being unfair, especially to people who have been waiting for the technology's installation in their homes. Several people have been waiting for the Solar Roof with signed contracts for more than a year now but have not yet received theirs, and to be faced with a change in their contracts.

Some soon-to-be Tesla Solar Roof owners found this price increase affecting them to be unfair from the company, and are threatening to pursue "legal action" towards the company if their terms are not met. And by terms, these people mean the original price that was agreed upon by them and Tesla in a legally binding contract. 

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