Nintendo announces the remake of the classic Sega hit "House of the Dead" as an indie game coming to Nintendo Switch.

Announced at Nintendo's online-only event Indie World Showcase, the "House of the Dead: Remake" is part of a group of Indie games slated to launch. The remake will be released alongside titles such as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge."

'House of the Dead: Remake' a Nintendo x Sega Crossover?

The upcoming Nintendo remake of the 1997 first-person shooter classic "House of the Dead" promises whole new gameplay and entourage tailored for the Switch. But, according to Nintendo Life's report on Apr. 14, the "House of the Dead: Remake" will stay true to the original gameplay with its undead horde.

The one to two-player horror game remake also promises to deliver modern graphics and controls suited for the fast-paced rail-shooter, and given what developers can do these days, fans of the zombie game can expect some gruesome and frightening enemies to defeat.

In addition, the "House of the Dead: Remake" will have multiple endings, giving players more reasons to play the game over and over again.

Nintendo has not officially announced the horror game remake's release date but confirmed that it will come sometime in 2021.

It is also uncertain if the horror game remake will make use of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con for point-and-shoot controls, and if it will be expanded to other Nintendo platforms. 

If confirmed, the "House of the Dead: Remake" would join the ranks of popular Nintendo Switch games "Pokemon" and "Monster Hunter Rise."

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Nintendo Switch Goes Blue With the Upcoming Lite

Nintendo proudly announces the release of the blue Nintendo Switch Lite, giving players more options to express their personal gaming style.

On Apr. 13, the Japanese video game creator posted on its official blog, which said that the blue Nintendo Switch Lite would join the ranks of the game console's other variants: gray, turquoise, yellow, and coral.

The Upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite
(Photo : Nintendo Official Webpage )

Unlike the regular Nintendo Switch, the smaller and lighter Switch Lite has integrated controls that limit its handheld-only gameplay.

This feature allows Nintendo Switch Lite players to bring a wide library of Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode.

The blue Nintendo Switch Lite will be available on May 21, along with the upcoming humorous adventure game "Miitopia", where players choose on a comedy-filled quest to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord.

Players may also choose the upcoming New Pokémon Snap game in Nintendo Switch Lite where players could continue their adventure as their characters explore unknown islands to capture wild Pokémon.

Additionally, players may choose to play the free SNES and NES games on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

These games include classics such as "Psycho Dream," "Doomsday Warrior," "Prehistorik Man," and "Fire 'n Ice." However, the highly-anticipated fan-favorite "Earthbound" is not in any lineup.

The handheld game console is priced at a suggested retail price of $199.99.

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