Parler is slowly making its way back to its regular setup as recent developments have revealed that it would soon come back to the mobile platform, particularly in Apple's iOS and App Store, with a catch. The only requirement asked by Apple is for social media to have a "content moderation system" which would look into the actions and regulate community standards within it.

Google Suspends Parler App From Its Play store
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LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 09: A general view of the the Parler app icon displayed on an iPhone on January 9, 2021 in London, England. The Parler App popular with right-wing supporters has been suspended from Google's Play store over continued postings by users that incite violence. US President Donald Trump was suspended indefinitely from Twitter after tweets he made encouraged his supporters to break into the Capitol building and five people died in the ensuing violence.

However, having this feature would mean the end of the "free speech" social media which has been the company's "bread and butter" or what has made it famous for the past months it operated. Following the boycott of Facebook and Twitter because of its "limiting" rules, other users have opted for a "free" social media platform such as Parler. 

Parler's ban has been extensive, particularly as it got removed from the face of the internet in all of its platforms including app and web browsing experience. This followed the Capitol Riot which was blamed on Parler for letting it happen and its plans having originated from users that have incited the use of violence and marching towards the building.

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Parler App iOS Return: Apple Opens its Doors

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Initially, Tim Cook has opened up on the recent Kara Swisher "Sway" podcast about this matter, saying that it would allow Parler back to the iOS platform, provided that it would have a moderation system. "Mods" or moderators would now be lurking across the social media and look for violating content which would be subjected to account suspension or platform ban.

According to CNN, the news regarding this came from a letter that was forwarded to the Senate by Apple, which has claimed their doors to be opening for Parler's iOS app. It was also said that Parler has proposed several probihitions to Apple regarding the content moderation system which they would observe once let back into the smartphone platform. 

Parler Content Moderation

It seems to be a done deal for Apple, especially with the letter that was sent to Senator Mike Lee and Representative Ken Buck that stated its forthcoming move to allow Parler back to the iOS. The only prohibition made by Apple was that if Parler comes back, its updated application with the "content moderation system" would already be there. 

Parler has been active since March but has been observing its operations within the web browser software which can also be toggled or used via the smartphone's browser application. However, it could not capture the ease of use, features, and accessibility which can only be customized via a smartphone application that remains non-existent. 

Currently, Parler is operating within the walls of the web browser, and Apple's decision would be the first to invite it back to the mobile platform, allowing its access to growing again to individuals. 

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