It seems like Netflix is not considering launching a brand new Netflix for its Netflix. Basically, it would be a new platform that covers behind the scenes just like Netflix. The company is now considering covering the platform N-Plus.

Netflix Could have a New Platform

The company reportedly started sending out certain surveys to consumers. This would include TNW's (from which this story came from) Abhimanyu Ghoshal. The survey reportedly asked them if they would be willing to use the service.

The article by TheNextWeb noted that it would include many services that would reportedly allow users to go even deeper in-depth with the streaming service's official content. The survey also noted that N-Plus would include images, text, and even video feeds that users can sign up for interviews, news, analysis, deep dives, how-tos, games, audience conversation, podcasts, music, and a number of others.

Netflix Survey Points Towards N-Plus

The survey reportedly also notes that the N-Plus results could show up on Google's very own searches and that the upcoming Netflix app could send users notifications regarding the upcoming behind-the-scenes content. It reportedly does not seem like everything on the N-Plus will directly be behind a certain paywall.

Netflix also notes that parts of it could actually be viewed by just about anyone that has access to a web browser. This means that it could seem like the platform is now considering its expansion into more editorial written content instead of just the regular videos.

N-Plus Streaming Platform

A recent report by Protocol reportedly suggests that the upcoming N-Plus could even include certain things like custom playlists that could be shareable with people who reportedly aren't signed up for the service just yet. This would reportedly add a social element to the whole streaming platform.

It's now possible that the N-Plus could even be used in order to influence future productions by actually taking into account feedback even before finishing its filming. However, the "Plus" part makes it seem like Netflix could actually plan to charge its customers more for certain exclusive content. The survey, however, suggests that this will not be the case.

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Netflix VS Competitors

Still, with Netflix consistently hiking up its prices every few years, it wouldn't actually be surprised if this indeed ended up being the actual case. Of course, just because there is a survey, this still isn't a guarantee that N-Plus will in fact, become a reality. The company, however, has clearly been thinking about the possibility of an N-Plus for quite a while. It would also be a neat way to differentiate itself from the whole ever-growing list of different streaming services.

With Netflix competitors like Disney+ or Hulu growing even more popular by being the main releases for blockbuster movies, the streaming platform is now looking for ways to make more money and keep up with the competition. As to whether or not N-Plus becomes a thing is something that only an official announcement can confirm.

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