[Look] Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Can Turn a Phone Into a Tablet PC!
(Photo : Screenshot From Commons.Wikipedia.org) [Look] Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Can Turn a Phone Into a Tablet PC!

While those on the go usually agree that a slim laptop is always the best choice to bring, sometimes, a laptop can be too big, heavy, chunky, or generally hard to bring along sometimes. Working on a phone is really hard since it still gives really limited access to these apps and that apps but what if there were a way to turn your phone into a PC or tablet?

Xiaomi vs Samsung and Huawei

Xiaomi has just formally jumped on the whole foldable phone train this year and, looking at everything at first glance, it looks like a lot of what Samsung, and even later on Huawei had! Xiaomi was just seemingly looking for brand recognition than other features.

With this being said, according to SlashGear, the new Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold has just rolled out and it can give users a really unique feature of its own. Ironically, the brand new PC Mode will actually turn the device into a tablet PC! This is something that Samsung's very own Galaxy Z Fold doesn't actually have despite being the ones to create the similar Dex Mode.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Tablets

To be very clear, both the Samsung Galaxy Fold as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 actually have DeX support but still behave more like phones instead of tablets. It would only be activated if the external display would be connected and won't be activated on the regular foldable phone despite its big screen.

Samsung's popular Galaxy Tab S tablets, on the other hand, can actually use the DeX directly. This would then turn slates into a simple Android laptop. According to XDA-Developers, the new Mi Mix Fold actually has an update that would enable PC Mode for the given foldable.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold vs Samsung Galaxy Fold

Unlike Samsung's own implementation for the popular Galaxy Z Fold, it reportedly runs directly on the whole device without even an external screen that would be attached. A given three-finger swipe from the right all the way to the center would simply activate the PC mode. This was in order to prevent accidental triggers.

Once users are in PC mode, the new Mi Mix Fold owners will then be greeted with a more familiar desktop-like UI. This is excluding some Android-specific touches just like the new three-navigation buttons located in the corner. Just like with Samsung's own DeX, however, not every app is designed to run that way.

The article by SlashGear notes that this is a feature that Samsung's own Galaxy Z Fold 3 really needs and the company is more likely to add it now that its competitor, Xiaomi, already has added the feature. With this being said, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as well as the Mi Mix Fold are pretty much on the smaller side for a complete desktop interface. It could, however, still be a good fit for the now rumored Galaxy Z Fold Tab tablet.


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