Tesla has not yet released the Model S Plaid and Plaid+ version for this year despite launching them last January, and spy photos are already surfacing with the prototype of the vehicle with a retractable spoiler. Forget modding the Tesla Model S Plaid when receiving one's order, as the stock spoiler is enough for the electric vehicle's aerodynamic needs.Tesla Model S Plaid Retractable Spoiler

(Photo : The Kilowatts via Twitter @klwtts)

And people think that Tesla's frunk (front trunk) is the only addition to the car that deserves a lot of recognition, particularly with its cooling technology that may store drinks or food and keep fresh. Now, another feature is worth the hype, and it is stowed on the rear trunk, to be brought up electronically upon the need of the user.

The new things about Tesla's Model S for this year (2021 model) show how much the clean energy company has focused on the vehicle to improve it for better use and adapting to customer needs. However, one of the latest tweaks of the Model S was its "Yoke" steering wheel which received mixed reviews from the public.

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Tesla Model S Plaid: Retractable Spoiler

A spoiler that pops when needed for a sturdier feel and aerodynamics but stows away when using the electric vehicle for family or chill rides? That feature comes with the new Tesla Model S Plaid prototype which was spotted in the Laguna Seca race track to test out the vehicle's capabilities and performance in the track.

In the recent tweet by The Kilowatts (@klwtts), it was revealed that the Tesla Model S was trying to break lap times in the Laguna Seca Race Track, with a lap record of "1:30:XX," which continues to be undisclosed. The YouTube channel media has shown incredible photos and several videos of the Model S Plaid prototype, after months of its hidden development.

The chip shortage dilemma of Tesla has affected the delivery of its electric vehicle but has promised to deliver the orders by May, according to the recent Tesla Q1 2021 Earnings report last April. This problem has pushed even the Tesla Model S Plaid to be released later than its expected release.

When is the Model S Plaid and Other EVs of Tesla Coming?

The recent win of MMA Fighter Beniel Dariush in UFC 262 against Tony Ferguson has the fighter asking for his Tesla electric vehicle which he ordered from the company months ago. In the post-fight interview, Dariush said that they are still waiting for the EV, but were given no updates regarding its arrival. Here, Elon Musk responded via Twitter that EVs are coming soon, but has not revealed when, or was there any revelations of expected arrival date or month.

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