Spotify has been receiving new features and creating innovations that will further improve the user music experience and enhance its online service.

Spotify Partners With Storytel to Extend Audiobooks Market—New iOS, Android Search Filters Arrive!
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A man listens to an iPod MP3 player through earphones August 17, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. Research conducted by the National Acoustic Laboratories, to be released by the Australian Federal Government today, has found that up to a 25% of people who use iPods or other portable music devices will suffer from hearing problems as a result of listening to their players at "excessive and damaging" levels.

First, Spotify decided to collaborate with Storytel, which is expected to extend the popular audio streaming app into the audiobooks market. 

Moreover, the music streaming service also received new search filters for its iOS and Android versions. Specifically, the new mobile version of Spotify will offer advanced music and podcast search filters, which work when the user types something in the app's search bar. These new search tools include various categories such as Songs, Playlists, Albums, Podcasts & Shows, Profiles, Episodes, and Top Results. 

To give you more idea, here's how the new search filters of Spotify work. 

Spotify's New Search Filters' Details 

According to Phone Arena's latest report, Spotify's new features can be found below the search bar of your app. If you want to refine your search bar, you need to tap on one of the search filters and then type what you are looking for. 

Spotify Partners With Storytel to Extend Audiobooks Market—New iOS, Android Search Filters Arrive!
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People walk by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on the morning that the music streaming service Spotify begins trading shares at the NYSE on April 3, 2018 in New York City. Trading under the symbol SPOT, the Swedish company's losses grew to 1.235 billion euros ($1.507 billion) last year, its largest ever.

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When your Spotify app finds the results, you will have them in the form of curated podcast episodes, songs, albums, playlists, or any other media content available on the streaming platform. Based on these details, Spotify's new search filters on Android and iPhone devices are specifically created to make your search activities faster and easier.

Aside from the new search filters, Spotify also makes other innovations, including partnering with other giant companies.  

Spotify and Storytel Collaboration 

TechCrunch reported that Spotify decided to partner with Storytel, an audiobooks platform. Thanks to their partnership, the popular music streaming app is now expected to extend its reach into the audiobook market. 

"We want everyone to have access to great stories, and today Storytel offers more than 500,000 audiobooks on a global basis across 25 markets," said Jona Tellander, the CEO and founder of Storytel. 

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